Multi-Award Winning Millenial 



My name is Olamide Duyile and I am a recent Economic History graduate from the London School of Economics, heading into the world of investment banking. 

I was recently titled EY UK Corporate Finance Woman of the Year and one of the UK's Top 10 Black Students.

I have had a wide range of work experience spanning over 6 industries and I love sharing my journey and knowledge with others. 

I have a wide range of interests spanning corporate finance, personal finance, digital content journaling and property.


The Resource Bank is for you if:

  • You are interested in a career in Corporate Law 

  • You are interested in a career in the Banking and Finance sector 

  • You want to make a successful scholarship application for your education 

  • You want to write a personal statement that top universities will not ignore

  • You are a university student who is looking to apply for internships or a graduate role 

  • You have been unsuccessful in your previous applications and you are looking to understand why


I started my blog after realising that 'inspiring' people is no good if I couldn't educate them on exactly HOW I was achieving my goals. Read to access specialised information on achieving success in your life, education and career.

Along the way I have received so many questions on how I was able to make successful applications for university, internships and scholarships. The resource bank provides detailed guidance and examples on how to 'level up' an application.



My instagram is a space where I share what I get up to on a daily basis and the resources that I use. I also allow my followers to share what content they would like to see from me.

My YouTube channel was created after realising that I had so much to share that couldn't always fit in a blog post. Visit my YouTube channel to access unlimited information on careers, lifestyle and personal finance.

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