GCSE Assemblies

Upon receiving media attention after obtaining the highest GCSE grades at my school in Hackney (Cardinal Pole), I was recognised by my borough and awarded a Trailblazer Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.


In the GCSE assemblies, I emphasise the importance of GCSE’s and why they matter, as well as 3 factors that heavily influence their results and consequently, their future: friends, teachers & themselves. Understanding this early on is what enabled me to reach my full potential and experience such elite institutions and organisations. I want them to understand the opportunities it’ll create for them and that their journey to their desired career path has already begun.

"The assembly was spot on for year 11 and what they needed to hear. The video you chose was really powerful. To the point it made me feel really upset as I know the majority of my students would not have taken any steps forward like the young people in the video.”


Kathy, The Bridge Academy

"Olamide spoke about her GCSE story and was very engaging. I strongly recommend you get in contact with her to lead one of your assemblies."

Melanie, Stoke Newington School
Bridge Academy
Skinners' Academy
Our Ladies' Convent School​
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