How to: Get Awards!

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I really hope you guys took something away from my last blog post. {See Post}

In this post, I will be explaining how people (including myself!) go about getting awards and I’ll also share my opinion on the recent ‘Accolade culture’.


It can really be that simple. The word ‘Award’ implies that something is given to someone but what people don’t know is that people often ask for it to be given to them. Of the 5 awards I have received whilst at university, 2 of them I actually applied for.

Awards I applied for:

EY UK Corporate Finance Woman of the Year – This was a competition with an application stage and insight/assessment day

TargetJobs Top 10 Undergraduate of the Year for Impactful Social Action – This had an application stage and online tests followed by an assessment centre

Awards I was nominated for:

Rare Rising Star 2019 (UK’s Top 10 Black Students) – I then had a phone interview and was told whether I was short-listed or not.

Top 150 Future Leaders – I was sent an application form and had an interview.

Proud & Gifted – Awarded by the founder Steve Oram

This is actually the same thing a lot of people do to get featured in newspapers/magazines, they literally email & ask!

2.Own Your Story

All of the above awards involved me telling my story in one form or another. This element of the process is so important, so much so than when I found out I was nominated for RRS, I made sure there was a follow-up with my full story -the way I wanted to tell it. You’ll find that people who receive multiple awards often share the same story over again. Read my award bios for proof: EY CFWY Rare Rising Star Future Leaders

By the way, your story doesn’t need to be sad or dramatic, it just needs to be authentic and interesting. Ask yourself: What makes me, me? What do I want to be known for?

3. Know Your Why Awards mainly involve being recognised for something you’ve already accomplished. They get you exposure, provide amazing networking opportunities and being able to call myself one of the UK’s Top 10 Black Students is an absolute weapon on my CV! The two awards I actively applied for also offered amazing internship/work experience opportunities and that was my motivations for applying.

What are yours? I was never motivated by any validation or ‘congratulations!’ I thought an award would bring, I didn’t need it because I already felt assured within myself. If that is what you’re searching trust me you don’t need or even want an organisation/people to be the source of your self-esteem, it’s a very slippery slope.

I also want to add that if you haven’t received any it literally means nothing. I know a number of amazing people out there who are doing even more spectacular things and just aren’t concerned with receiving awards -some even turn them down! Be sure to follow my instagram for live updates:

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