What To Do If You Haven’t Received Any Internship Offers

Updated: Feb 29

1. It’s not over – There has been a wave of “Incoming at…” on LinkedIn and you might’ve received a number of rejections but the fight isn’t over. Big companies and bulge bracket firms start their recruitment processes VERY early and have likely filled up their positions but they don’t represent the entire job market. As the spring and summer approaches many opportunities are only now opening up – if you don’t believe me just check the LinkedIn job section. Don’t despise non-buldge bracket firms. Smaller firms/companies provide unique benefits. As you won’t be part of a big intake you often get more exposure and opportunities to make an impact that will look great on your CV. You’ll also have less people with the same experience as you and can make it sound as amazing as you want on your CV. Be patient. Some firms open applications very early but don’t screen applications till much later. I applied for my 1st year summer internship in March 2018 and received my offer on the 31st May 2018 and started my internship in July 2018.

2. Branch Out – If you scroll through my LinkedIn work experience it’s not very obvious that I’ve wanted to go into investment banking since my A-levels. However, I have had to intern in other industries to build my CV, because there wasn’t always banking internships and sometimes I simply got rejected. I spent 8 months of my gap year and my 1st year of university summer interning at insurance firms. It was the perfect first job and really stood out on my CV. For example, you might already know that you want to work in Real Estate Investment Management but if all those applications are closed, then why not try applying for a Commercial Real Estate company that will help you have a much better investment management CV when you apply later on.

3. Offer Yourself Up – There are a lot of firms out there (if not most) who don’t actually have a formal internship program but could benefit from having an intern. Reach out to them! I know of a guy who really wanted some private equity experience so sent out his CV to loads of the smaller PE firms and landed himself a 3-month summer internship. I would also add here that I got my first-year summer internship by asking a friend of mine in the year above me how she had gotten her first year internship. Don’t be afraid to ask people and offer your availability. You could also offer to work for knowledge instead of money. I am not an advocate for unpaid internships, but why not ask someone if you could shadow them for a few days or a week to gain some experience. I would only recommend asking this of people who you already have a close or significant relationship with.

4. I would also advise you to reassess why your applications may be getting rejected, I will go in depth on this in the next blog post so ensure to subscribe. One of the best things I did was create my own work experience which has been brought up in every single interview I’ve had since then, - I will also be going into more depth with this in a future blog post.

Good luck!

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